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Dawn Lab International Private Limited is a one-stop solution for secure and guaranteed intellectual property matters including trademarks, copyrights, and patents, national and international services. Dawn associate has long past but successful history since 2005 with efforts of old hands together. Day to night efforts in proving to valued clients our truthfulness, integrity, and honesty. We take your responsibility on our shoulders to catering the requirements and needs of several multinational clients. With timeless efforts dawn associates acclaim internationally to one of the biggest leading intellectual property matters platforms all over in Pakistan.

Dawn Associates are dealing intense intellectual property matters for instance the Intellectual property that is the genuine creation of a person’s in form of designs, literary, inventions, images, and something like that used in the commerce. The intellectual property IP has four major domains in which all matters diversified separately.

Dawn Associates always feel glad to serve you to fulfill your business needs globally. Likewise, international business relations, branding, and counterfeiting are such intense matters that are ready to go solutions and cooperation is always available. We deal with the prevailing issues regarding every intellectual property matters with every possible solution and respect our client’s requirement first to fulfill.

Dawn Associates consulted in trademark, copyright, and patent registration and management regularly. We counsel our clients legally regarding property rights protection and registration in different steps and all the procedures that they have to go through.

We strongly deal with and enforce IP rights and litigations. Advising full-fledged information for going through restraining orders from courts with the removal of the falsified item is our main focus. Since we have been recognizing the powerful source to take steps for the client. We are one of the leading companies to deal with such serious business matters and providing you easy solutions. We stand out in protecting the big brand and also intangible assets of many big companies of the distinctive domain such as consumers, beverages and foods, manufacturers, and medical/pharmaceuticals.

Local clients consulted us for IP acquisition matters and also their legal modalities under Pakistani Law. In this case, we deliver them highly efficient services with professional advice at a limited cost.

As the advancement in technology is surged thus ruling over our business everywhere. Every business is set online now.so we take pride in dealing with the domain registration, media and advertising law, all packaging & labeling, regulatory requirements, compliances, trade secrete protection is in our hand.


Trademark is the logo and representation name of the company with a specific mark that distinguishes the services from others in the market. Dawn associates dealing in providing the top-notch service of registration of a trademark, trademark search services, advising, negotiating, and choosing a great attractive logo for the company. The trademark will represent your services and also the best way to distinguish from others in the market. Every business is successful and recognized due to its logo it becomes the focus of attention and also helping in the promotion of your products. it is one of the best tools for your business. Customers will attract the captivating logo design so it must be very different from other company’s logo. Once it gets registered then the logo will be recognized as ®which helps to boost up more views toward your logo.

  • The things to consider before registering a trademark are as follows:
  • The name of eligible owner, company, or an incorporated association.
  • Need a logo to register.
  • Services should be under laws
  • An address of eligible applicants will be required.


Dawn Associates are consulting in the copyright domain to give protection and security to your business internationally. We have solid and versatile options to recognize your company with guaranteed security and protection. Ensuring or clients to advise them on all delicate issues regarding copyright, database protection, and programming. Website, computer programs, books, artworks, films, recording, and music all of the niches require copyright in terms of security and protection. Make sure to get the most reliable services under strict guidelines of law and order with no doubt of error. Once the copyright is approved for a category then the ©will be labeled to that specific category. Make sure to use undervalue to make it count. The finest way to make money by selling genuine products with copyright. Get reliable services from us.


We deliver efficient services in supporting client’s requirements such as patentability evaluation, infringements, changes in technical designs, negotiating, strategy proposals, and many more. Under a structured procedure with several team members to agree on the solution of a problem more systematically by sharing tasks with other team members. We do patent services in dispute cases and getting the confidence to do 100% guaranteed efforts for valuable clients in affordable budgets.

Dawn Associates are always there in your services with trust and honor. We respect your queries and answer them on time. We are reachable at dawnlabint.com 24/7 active in your services. For more info, you can visit our Facebook Page