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Welcome to Dawn Lab International Private Limited A big name in the field of Cosmetic, Fruits & Vegetable industry. since 2005 with exceptionally commendable services and quality standards based on healthcare principles. Global distributor of premium quality on a high scale set a global and local chain of satisfied customers. Over 15 years of establishment in the fruits, vegetables, and cosmetic industry we have added few things in our product like Kinnow (Mandarin) with research-based development considering healthcare standards. sustaining our worth in the market we are known as the biggest exporter and importers of today’s time globally guaranteeing trust, uprightness, and commitments.

Our Passion

Passion to deliver top-notch quality is never be ending however continue conveying the rich nutritional products with medical benefits. We offer a wide scope of a variety of fruits and vegetables and diverse regions. Fruits variety that we offer to enrich quality covers kinnow (Mandarin), Mango (Mangifera Indica), Apple, Grapes, and pomegranate. On the other hand, we deal with fresh vegetables includes onions and potatoes. Moreover, we managed with large scale sizes and qualities. Dawn Lab International Private Limited products are known for their excellent quality in addition to approved registered brands.

Standard Procedure

Going through the most secure procedure of analyzing quality and standards furthermore, formulated all our products with imported raw material, our products are internationally certified, well analyzed, and tested in high tech laboratory. After assessing all procedures, we make a point to convey to our customers with error-free and full of nutrition products. we make sure that our products make you fit and active so don’t need to take supplements for that. Ensuring you to live your life with rich vitamins, minerals, and iron from a natural source.

Steroids Less

We don’t ever add any steroids in our items since we care about your well-being first. Dawn Lab International Private Limited has a fresh stock of fruits and vegetables in tons of quantity. prioritizing your business, we make sure to always make excellent business relationships with our valuable clients without disturbing their budget. we always meet your requirements with the best price solutions. Listen to every demand from the client to their level of satisfaction. We do business for several years to meet the demands of customers and keeping a long-term business relationship with them by trust-building. Our values are to serve customers with quality, innovation, and affordability to manage our crown fitted to our heads. Due to endless efforts and a strong workforce, we make sure to represent the highly innovative products under fair charges.

So, we deliver our consumers and customers to hit break innovative products. What makes us different from others is quality standards. Quality assurance is a highly prioritizing focus of work that we work on. So we do continue efforts to improve quality and standards to maintain the freshness of our products. No matter what season is going we make sure that our every product will reach you in any season with no effect on taste and freshness. You will surely enjoy the natural aroma and taste of our well-preserved products. Dawn Lab International Private Limited never ignores the element of your health from their services so we bring the top-notch beauty product for you with fast-acting solutions. delivering you the best products for your skin to transform into a glamorous and attractive look.

No Compromise On Health

Considering all health care standards, we manufactured the extraordinary highly acting cream that contains no harmful ingredients like mercury and steroids that can create long term side effects. No worry if you have gone through all of the issues just try out Beauty Bird Whitening Cream to brighten the dark pores from the deep layer of skin and also make you look younger and fresh. It works so effectively on darker skin because the melanosomes are likely more active there.

No Side Effect

Dawn Lab international has a solution for any problem by bringing you a highly beneficial cream with stunning beauty. Our Beauty Bird Whitening Cream doesn’t only work on darker skin due to melanosomes but also fast-acting against enzymes like tyrosine that holds the charm of your face to not let it out. You can easily reach out to our product with no side effects. Try it once we assure you that you will be impressed by our heavy-duty whitening cream with fast and positive results. Our high-quality products are accessible in the market.

Best Serving

Dawn Lab International Private Limited is a well-known trustworthy company with excellent reviews rather it’s on cosmetics or fruits and vegetables. We are best in serving both domains with top-notch professional behaviors. After several years of tireless efforts, we are known as a competitive global supplier, importer, exporter, and distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables along with highly fast-acting beauty bird whitening cream with no side effects. Our focus is to serve our clients with premium quality and innovation in our products. You can reach us online and ask for queries anytime. We are active 24/7 to listen up your questions and counsel you with every possible solution. You can visit our Facebook Page

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