Hair Care

Dawn Lab International Pvt Ltd provides private label hair care and customized beauty products for manufacturers or retailers looking to make their own unique brands. We have years of experience in this field and can help you with every step from initial design through production, packaging, transportation logistics, or marketing strategies – providing an end-to-end solution that will bring out the best qualities within your company’s hair care line without any hassle on behalf of our clients. 

Dawn Lab International Pvt Ltd private label hair products are PROFESSIONAL-GRADE, MADE IN THE PAKISTAN, CRUELTY-FREE, PARABEN FREE, and COLOR SAFE. Virtually all of our private label hair products are SULFATE-FREE, SD ALCOHOL-FREE, and SODIUM CHLORIDE FREE. The pH level of all of our Shampoos are between: 5.5 – 6.5

Dawn Lab International Pvt Ltd is a private label hair care product manufacturer committed to giving every brand and professional not only private label shampoo and conditioner, but also hair serum for women, hair dyes, skincare, and dry scalp treatment, and itchy scalp treatment according to the needs of the market.

We can supply you with the wholesale private label hair products of your dreams because we listen to your desires and make them come true.

Why Choose Dawn Lab International Pvt Ltd Cosmetic Company?

In Dawn Lab International Pvt Ltd, we understand that buying a new product is confusing and can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here for you, with an extensive range of customizable options available so any size business will find what they need without breaking their budget! Our experienced team listens carefully before responding promptly which means there are never worries about placing an order with us-we’ve got this covered from A to Z.

Our top-quality customer service ensures total peace of mind while also being cost-conscious; let our experts promote the best product out on town with just one sleek design guaranteed to not only meet but exceed all expectations. Our individually tailored service together with a one-stop-shop concept is the key to short lead times and an overall cost-efficient relationship.

You can also search on Google with hair treatment near me, and simply get in touch and get ready to reap the benefits of our years of expertise in Hair Products and high-end equipment used for packaging your goods safely and discreetly, with a quick turnaround time guaranteed.

Customers will be thrilled to receive a superior product that meets their expectations while also offering them an affordable price tag.

Let us highlight the best qualities of your company and create a custom and exclusive product that will reflect our experience in this field. It has never been easier to create a unique and exclusive hair care brand!

Feel free to ask for a quote or simply get in touch with us for any questions you might have – we look forward to hearing from you.